Sunday, September 20, 2009

Baucus Plan is Insulting

Did you see the Baucus health plan? Is it a plan that helps out citizens in any way?

But then I remembered that the insurance industry has donated $3 Million to him, and it makes sense. And then I found out that a person who recently signed onto his staff wrote the bill and that person just left Well Point insurance, and it made even more sense.

To get a true Health Bill, we actually need someone not tainted. And I'm not sure if there is anyone that isn't.

What bugs me more, is that the overwhelming majority of Christians in this Country support "for profit" heath insurance which in my mind is against everything Christ teaches. They have substituted "Nationalism" and "Corporations" in place of God.

What a shame.

In our Country, Health Insurance is a right for the Wealthy and a privilege for the poor. Health coverage should never cost a dime. No matter what Country it is, they should cover their citizens. If you have a "for profit" Health industry, people will have their care dropped, and people will become bankrupt. Just like 62% of all bankruptcies in the U.S. last year.


JefFlyingV said...

Botts, how does one remove profitability from the health industry?

So far all I'm seeing is a push to change (universalize) health insurance for the public.

Will this actually lower the total cost of health for us within the nation?

Right now the real debate isn't about health care reform, but it is about who pays for it.

Botts said...


Through radical means. It's not going to happen, but it should. It is illegal to have for profit health insurance companies in every advanced Country but ours.