Saturday, September 19, 2009

8 Months Later

Well, our First Black President has been in charge for 8 months now. And what has the institutionalized brain dead anti-Christ followers done? Exactly what I thought they would do. The lower and middle class white folk have held their KKK I mean tea party rallies. Where were these rallies when our past President funded two wars without budgeting it and cut taxes too? Where were they when he sealed an entitlement program (Medicare D) that will cost trillions? Where were they when he signed off on bailing out banks without oversight? I could go on.

You know where they were? They were supporting it. After all, he was one of them. He was a middle aged White fundamentalist Christian. He was going after the Muslims. He was torturing his perceived enemies. He was protecting this "Christian" nation.

Then, a Black man, and a liberal to boot became the Leader of this nation. He's been called a socialist, marxist, fascist, muslim, racist and on and on. I've never seen such a thing. With all these protests, you'd think that He was the one that put us in the hole we're in. You'd think that he was the one that bankrupted us 30 years ago, sold arms to Iran, imported illegal drugs from South America, and took away all regulations to corporations. You'd think he was the one that advocated in favor of Corporations deserving the same constitutional rights as individuals.

In 1971, Louis Powell figured out that Institutionalized Religious folks in the midwest and south could be easily manipulated into voting against their best interests. All they had to do, was make them believe that an ideology was created for them and anyone with a "left thinking mentality" was immoral, evil and out to get them. Also, to make them feel as though Corporations were their saviors. His memo and practice of it started the process and as you see now has made most Christians to be nationalistic, idol worshippers.

The Glenn Becks, Sean Hannity's and Rush Limbaughs are all part of this philosophy. And they are damn good at what they do. They prey on peoples fears and bigotry. And these people end up supporting evilness.

When will they learn?


tbrough said...

Well, hello stranger. How very nice to see you again. I hope all is well, and I still expect that Cheese Steak Visit.

Nice post, well thought through. While I am still holding out hope for President Obama, my faith in his willingness to jump into the fray and lead is waning. I feel the hard right senses this lack of gumption and is reacting as only sharks in a bleeding kiddie pool can, by latching remora-like onto asshats like Glenn Beck and Limpbaugh.

We shall see, as the health care fight seems to be turning into the bellweather for how the owrld perceieves Obama as a leader.

tbrough said...


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you post too Botts.

I disagree with your assesment about these tea party people being all KKK-like.

I think we're dealing with subsequent reactions from cultural norms forced upon unsuspecting people long ago.

The KKK is reactionary, so is the Nation of Islam, so was the election of Obama, and so are the tea party people.

I really truly hope for the substrata to these so-called righteous groups/movements, or actions is exposed.

There are philosophical underpinnings to all of this. While I think there are Democrat and Republican think tank people who know these issues, they sure as heck aren't going to tell the minions are they?!?!

It's always the Us vs. Them thing, and it gets so tiresome don't you think?

While I disagree with him on a lot, I believe Michael Moore might actually get somewhere with 'Capitalism: a love story'

Not for his assertion, but for the question....

The isms aren't the problem, but our self-righteous assertions about their veracity are, Dems and Pubs included.

No offense Botts but I hope both parties fail utterly in the throws of an informed electorates dismissal.

Until then I'll keep dreaming.


mac said...

"Then, a Black man, and a liberal to boot became the Leader of this nation. He's been called a socialist, marxist, fascist, muslim, racist and on and on."

Everything but what they really want to call him but can't - Nigger.

Sad really. It's 2009 and still people look down on a guy because of his skin color. The election did not eradicate racism. No, it's still there :(

mac said...

Put me on the list of people glad to see you back and spouting opinions ;-)

JefFlyingV said...

Welcome back Botts. Your voice has been missing for too long.

JefFlyingV said...

Oneblood, I think the tea party represents more than anti-taxes, they at times have the new face of segregation and secessionism.

GearHedEd said...

Add my vote for "glad to see Botts back". I got some catching up to do, so I'll reserve comment until the morrow.