Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Presidential Debate: Round 2

Let's get the political aspect of the debate out of the way. It is fair to say that in this respect, Obama crushed McCain. Obama was specific and countered McCain's attacks well. I think the format of the debate was to McCain's disadvantage as well. Obama is tall and has a commanding presence about him. McCain just seemed uncomfortable and fake. I don't think the Republican base is going to be happy with his new economic proposal of another 300 Billion bailout on top of the one already in existence. I think he has no idea what he's talking about, and just throws stuff out there now.

As far as who showed their Christianity better, I think this isn't close either. McCain just looks downright contemptuous. He doesn't like Obama, and it shows. The reference to Obama in the language of "That One" is not going to go over well with many people. He did a little better this time in making eye contact, but he is not comfortable being around Obama.

Again, Obama was loose, genuine, and had no problems talking to or looking at McCain. The polls are already showing Obama with a huge advantage, accept for the Fox poll of course.

I will be following up with another post soon. It will be about the last few days regarding what I've seen on the Campaign trail from McCain and Palin. I'm not happy, and I need to put this into words.


Asylum Seeker said...

Damn. Didn't see the debate. Though, interestingly, your description of it sounds very much like the last one (and seems in keeping with their respective personalities as we have already seen them). McCain is easy to anger, and probably had to visibly restrain himself. Whereas Obama, as always, came off as level-headed, and gentle, while still trying to seem vaguely authoritative. We are in an odd situation, since McCain, despite showing his bitterness and flashes of rage periodically for time untold, does not need to prove that he is reliable because he has just happened to be around longer. Whereas Obama, whose particular demeanor has provoked accusations of presenting himself as a messiah, undergoes excess scrutiny for being more obviously in control of himself. I guess we are used to the berserkers, but people who are both calm and caring are just foreign to us at this point. Kinda sad...

Richelle said...

i think your assessment of the second debate is very accurate, as was your assessment of the first one.

the "that one" statement really, really bothered me. i couldn't even believe it at first when he said it.

another thing i noticed was that after the debate was finished, mccain made a quick run through of the audience and then split. while he was making his way through the audience his wife tagged along behind him, her hands clasped behind her back. i didn't see her shake anyone's hand and she seemed like she didn't even want to be there talking to those people.

barack and michelle, on the other hand, took their time and talked to a lot of people. i also saw a lot of people having their pictures taken with michelle and barack and they stayed until long after the debate was over, spending valuable time addressing audience members on a personal level.

i think that really speaks for obama's concern for the american people and further reinforces my decision for who i support in this election.