Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Muslim/Arab" Is The Replacement For N****r

You read that right. I've seen some other opinion pieces recently that suggests this, and I'm happy about it. I've been feeling this way for years. Calling someone "Muslim" or "Arab" as if it's a bad thing is the same as Blacks being called Niggers. There is one big difference now.

It's unacceptable for a White person or any other person to call someone of color the "N" word. But now, it's completely acceptable to not only call someone a "Muslim" or "Arab" in a bad way, but be openly prejudiced towards one. It's okay to call them the enemy. This is a major problem that is beginning to show itself and it's coming mostly from Institutionalized Christians and their communities.

A lot of people will say, "can you blame us after what happened on 9/11?". Yes, I blame you and your teachers. Since you can't go after "Niggers" anymore, you need to find another enemy to go after. Institutionalized Christians need enemies. They need them because their faith isn't strong. They really don't know anything about their faith and as a matter of fact they probably have doubts about it. Having an enemy helps them with their insecurity. The funny thing about Christianity that they don't seem to understand, is that it teaches you Security in the form of Love. Once you "get it", you don't pay attention to enemies anymore. What's the point? You've given yourself and sacrificed your inner insecurity to Love. Contrary to popular Institutionalized Christian beliefs, this is what Jesus meant when he said that he brought a sword.

What Jesus was saying, is that his Teachings about Loving God, Your neighbor and Enemies, will be a sword that destroys your inner insecurity and immorality. Your true enemy is yourself. The one you need to fear, is yourself. The one with an agenda against you, is yourself. Your immorality and actions are a product of your insecurity. If you have a problem with Muslims and Arabs, it is because you are insecure. Since you are insecure, I guess that means that you do not understand the teachings. And since we have established this fact, don't you think it's time to stop just for a second, and realize what is happening.

There are Millions of Muslim/Arab Americans in this country. They pay taxes like you . They raise their families like you. They go to ballgames like you. They worship and Love God like you. They are your Neighbor.

Do you love them?


Asylum Seeker said...

Nicely said. I honestly cannot believe how much hatred can be directed towards over 1/5th of the population of the world, including people in our own country, over one attack directed against us by a group that happened to be Muslims. They try to frantically justify their contempt for over a billion people through the acts of a handful of terrorists, and further acts incited by our attempt to "take the fight to them". They either are really that ignorant, or they are just trying to hide the real targets of their hatred (brown people, non-Christians, non-Americans, what have you) behind the thin veneer of post-9/11 shell-shock induced xenophobia.

Harvey said...

I am not surprised that someone like you is able to cut through to the core issues and be unafraid to call "a spade a spade". (please forgive any inadvertant pun). It is not a surprise that certain of us Americans have learned almost nothing about the absurdity of race hatred and the terrible damage it does to our society. It is, unfortunately, in our nature to want to feel superior to somebody, particularly when we can easily label that person as belonging to a "bad" group. To me, when this is being perpetrated by a religious group that claims to be about peace and love, it is particularly hard to understand or accept. In the present instance, we have the added issue of a hotly contested election, wherein it may happen that some one "different" in obvious ways will actually become our next president. As a non-believer, these events make it more clear to me than ever that most of what "born-again" and fundamentalist Christians care about is their Pastor's and others interpretations of the man-made writings and trappings of religion, as well as the "right" way to worship God, rather than the wisdom of Christ's message as to how we should deal with each other in this world

mac said...

Context Botts !

In my life I have used those words, sometimes for effect, sometimes for less purient reasons.

I would like to think I have moved beyond racial hatred. I know a lot of people haven't, perhaps they never will.

We all must get past the words themselves if we are to heal. Arab, four letters...Nigger, six letters...Mic Bastard, ten letters. Let's let the sting of the words go, take their power from them.

I'm with Assylum Seeker, I think it's xenophobic fear that causes our hatred toward Arabs. A fear, I might add, perpetuated by our very own government !

War on terror? Ever notice we only go after Arab terrorists

pboyfloyd said...

Ah, but how to deal with Muslim Councils wanting to invoke Shari'a Law within their communities?

Once again organized religion muscling over tolerant, liberal secularism.

God's laws belong in Heaven if there is one, not in the hands of all too human 'sinners' who are apt to abuse them for personal gain.