Monday, October 13, 2008

How Obama Being a Scary Muslim Began

Great article here on how this all started.


Mark B said...

I don't care if he's black, green, red or purple, or whether he's a Jew, Buddhist, Muslim or quasi-Christian.

It all comes down to policy and what each candidate thinks is best for this country.

All the bickering, accusations, hatred and namecalling on both sides is a distraction and unnecessarily demeans the character of otherwise honorable and decent people from BOTH sides.

As for myself, I don't fully agree with his policies and am not quite sure I trust Obama in being forthright with his associations in his quest for the position he is now seeking.

Asylum Seeker said...

Whether you, personally, care about Obama's race or religion is of little importance, mark. The problem is that it is a huge issue for a sizeable chunk of people who simply cannot stop obsessing over those labels. And it is ridiculous when they start obsessing over false labels that are meant to be some form of slander, used to justify dismissal of Obama as a reliable choice without worrying about actual issues. If you think that it is petty bickering to try to point out semi-racist libels and innuendo when it is brought up over and over again, then I am afraid the "bickering" will continue.

mac said...

"I don't care if he's black, green, red or purple, or whether he's a Jew, Buddhist, Muslim or quasi-Christian." - mark b

Ever see a green or purple HUMAN, mark ?

Why is it everytime I see someone doesn't care if another person is green or purple, they really do care what race the person is ??

As for not trusting....well, no politician can be trusted fully !

Saint Brian the Godless said...

Botts, I noticed this story as well, and had the same reaction as you did. Horrible. Pathetic.

These "Christians" in name only are so far off the path that they'll never find their way. As you like to point out, they're on the wide, easy path and not the narrow, razor's edge path that Jesus spoke of. Hell, they're on the OPPOSITE path, leading to the OPPOSITE place, if you take my meaning. (I don't believe in hell, but I can use it as a metaphor)

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