Thursday, March 4, 2010

Confession: I Feel Selfish Today

You know, I try to be the best Christian I can be. But I find myself to be completely selfish in regards to food. I love food, and I won't ever deny that fact.

When I cook dinner for the wife and kids, I always eat at least 1/4th of the meal or 1/2 of the meal before I serve it to everyone. I do this, because I want my share before everyone grabs it. And I feel entitled to get more than everyone else. If there is a piece of something left on my kids or wife's plate, I eat it without even asking if they're done.

If my wife and I order a large pizza to be split between the two of us, I automatically feel that the box should be a 70/30 split in my favor. This is incredibly selfish on my part and it's an area in my life that I totally have to work on.


mac said...

Food, glorious FOOD !

That must be an atheist trait, Botts. I am a foodie myself. I love to eat !!

Anonymous said...

If your kids aren't malnourished and your wife isn't complaining, I think you are in the clear on this one.

pboyfloyd said...

Yea, cut yourself some slack(or another slice), fatboy.

I can say this 'cos I'm in 'horrible' shape myself.

(please, no insult meant at all)

MI said...


It's refreshing to see a guy notice a habit that he'd like to change. It's even touching to know he's wanting to do it out of love for his wife and children. And for that alone, God will bless you!

You go,boy!

Abel said...
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Skaputziner said...

No, my little darlin. Don't feel fish today...

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