Monday, September 21, 2009

KKK Rallies

Okay maybe I was a little harsh grouping up all the protesters. However, it's clear that a large percentage of these protesters are racists. Not necessarily racist towards all black people, but bigoted towards their perceptions that he's a Muslim. And with institutionalized Christians, they are certainly bigoted towards Muslims and other faiths and lack of faiths.

I think President Carter didn't consider that. These people now have an open forum. Before, they hid behind their keyboards. Now you are seeing them out in these protests. And they are calling him everything under the sun but "nigger".

They know they are being hypocritical towards "big Government". They know he's not doing 3/4th's of what he's being accused of. However, he is Black, his name is Barack Hussein Obama and he did grow up with Muslims. And because of those 3 facts, they do not care about anything else. We can go into how ludicrous they are, but until people from their side start denouncing this crap, they will not be silent.

Unfortunately, it's going to be one of these nuts that either kills him or attempts to. I fear for our President and our Country. It's only been 8 months. We are in for a troubling future.

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