Saturday, October 11, 2008


We better be careful. We are treading on shaky ground right now. I want to go over a few things that are stuck in my head and need to come out so I can have a somewhat relaxing sleep.

These McCain/Palin townhall rally's are getting to me. It was good to see McCain defend Obama today, but it is too late. The amazing thing about it, is that when he defened him, the crowd booed. It is remarkable. We talk about bigotry and racism. We know it still exists. But this day in age, people generally keep it in there homes or with close associates. Now it's on national television for everyone to see.

The Vice Presidential Candidate and the sarrogates has incited these people and brought out their hatred on purpose. These brainwashed, bigoted, institutionalized followers were just waiting for something, anything that could unleash them. Mrs. Palin gave them what they wanted. This is the same Vice Presidential Candidate who hasn't held a press conference. Who has now been found guilty of abusing her power as Governor to settle a personal score. She has been caught in at least 12 known lies and yet none of these sorry excuse for Christians care. They see a White Lady with kids and that makes everything okay, because there is a Black Man with the name Barack Hussein Obama running for President. And she has fed them crap after crap and they eat it up. It's sad.

More importantly, this is downright dangerous. I am seriously worried about Obama. The anger shown at the campaign stops is real. This isn't for show. They do not realize nor care that the person they hate for false reasons is a Father and Husband. They are being played and they don't even know it. This is the same tactic used on them in Church on Sunday's which is part of the reason why they have a problem with a Black man with a Muslim name winning the race to the Presidentcy.

Think about that for a minute. All they see is his name and color. They already have a problem with that. Now mention "terrorist friends", "no flag pin", "secretly Muslim", "radical" and you get the reation you're seeing. They have no problems acting this way, because they generally feel they are right. Somehow in their convaluted, screwed up heads, they feel that they are patriotic because of how they are acting and feeling.

Most of these people call themselves Christians. I can't believe this.


Mark B said...

You paint with an awful broad brush when you try to categorize non Obama supporters as haters and bigots.

The comments made by those people you are profiling are indeed embarrassing and ignorant. If you pinpointed one of those people, it may be true that they go to a church, but none of their comments would be condoned in any church I'm familiar with and it would be debatable whether they know Christ.

I do not, nor cannot believe those people are representative of the vast voting block for McCain, but rather representative of the editing of the one doing the story. How many reasonable comments were aired?

While you enjoy picking out the lies of a Palin or McCain, you may be surprised that Obama too lies and is deceptive. Is there nothing at all that bothers you about Obama?

One more thing, when you post about love and about loving your neighbor, does that include those at the rallies? Or is your anger clouding those details?

Pliny-the-in-Between said...

I certainly share your concern about bigoted idiots as a true threat to Obama. There are some truly ugly people out there. But I also have to say that despite that I am really amazed and heartened by the fact that Obama is leading in the polls. For a guy who grew up in the '60's it is solid evidence that we have made some progress in this country. Not everyone has evolved but it appears that a lot more have than I would have imagined. Talk about your message of hope...

pboyfloyd said...

@ mark b...

WOW! Terrific job of turning tables on what the media is doing!

This, "from my perspective" of yours 'neutralizes' the impact of the media showing everyone that it is 'still okay' to hate.

I loved when you portrayed yourself as typical mainstream McCain supporter 'unswayed' by Palin's shit-throwing and her 'faithful'.

But this isn't an interview with some hick KKK deep in the south, this is video of Palin's supporters, and 'left' or not, the media can't 'twist it so they only 'seem' to hate Obama'...

... they really do.

Harvey said...

mark b:
Even John McCain was forced to recognize that allowing his campaign to leave "the high road" and begin active negative campaigning (as he was strongly advised to do by the RNC after his apparently "limp" attacks on Obama during the second debate) has "gotten out of hand". Even if he does not personally condone or approve the rabid hate responses that have now surfaced several times during the past week, he can see that unleashing these active "haters" or even seeming to think it is OK for them to say these things openly is not only unbecoming of a "presidential" hopeful in this country, but it has already had strongly negative effects on the "middle" voters, without whose votes his campaign is doomed. Therefore, either because he is at heart an honorable man (which I choose to think is true) and/or because he sees that further pandering to the "ultra right" wing of his party has already been counterproductive, he went on record at a rally as decrying these baseless allegations. He was booed soundly while he was making these statements, not in support of Obama, but (I hope) in support of what is right and fair, (perhaps even Christian) even in a political battle, in a country that is a true democracy!!

Asylum Seeker said...

I wouldn't go as far as to assume that they are bigotted in regards to religion or skin color. A good amount are, but merely being liberal is sufficient for them to despise a person. Everything else is just gravy. Right now, I don't see a mob of racist reactionaries like I thought I might see when this election began: I see a group of people who trying to get an early start at being sore losers.

Kodiak said...

Botts, I think what this comes down to is the revelation that racism has never truly disappeared in this has simply gone underground.
Once it became "wrong" to be a racist, white people just quit complaining about blacks publicly. But inside, the same resentments remained.
I think a lot of the complaints that whites have against blacks are for similar reasons that institutionalized Christians have against atheists, gays, agnostics, and anyone who isn't in agreement with them. I am going to capitalize this for emphasis: WHEN WE ARE FORCED TO CHANGE OUR PRACTICES IN THE NAME OF FAIRNESS AND DEMOCRACY, IT OFTEN MEANS THAT BAD WILL ACCOMPANY THE GOOD. This means that whenever things get better for someone, it often means it gets worse for someone else. When you level the playing field to bring someone up, it means that someone else has to go down.
For example, desegregation was the right thing to do. Segregation should never have existed. But you cannot deny that while many blacks were better off, that many whites were also much worse off. They saw the values of their houses plummet. They saw their neighborhoods disintegrate. Yes, it was mostly due to their own fault and due to their own prejudice, but it DID happen...and many whites still resent the price they had to pay.
I don't believe in genetic differences, but I think it is foolish to deny that there are in fact cultural differences between blacks and whites in America. Of course it is the white man's fault that many of these cultural differences exist...but after all these generations that is now a moot point. White people no longer care how we arrived at the point we are at...they just want the problem to go away. I genuinely believe that at this point in our history that most whites are willing to forget the past and move on and be accepting...but the sticking point is moving on, and not dwelling on the past. When black leaders call for whites to continue to make restitution for past wrongs, most whites feel that enough is enough.
It is human nature to NOT embrace change...we are happiest when our lives are safely predictable. Change is always accepted is how we evolved as a species, by being cautious. When tremendous change is thrust upon us (even when it is fair change) we tend to react with panic...we flee from neighborhoods and try our hardest to shield our families from the unknowns.
Botts, when you see angry people remember that angry people are FRIGHTENED people. These people are angry because they are scared to death. They are scared to embrace diversity, because they are scared their kids will end up on drugs, or gay, or rejecting God if they are exposed to these things. They are scared that this country could end up with bombings in malls and restaurants. Quite frankly, they don't give a rat's ass about ANYONE'S freedom, if they think eliminating those people will make them safer. Yes, they want to return to the Beaver Cleaver world, where one never had to deal with other races or religions encroaching on one's practices. And really, can you blame them? I grew up in that world myself, and frankly it was absolutely wonderful. But as an adult I now know that while I was enjoying my world, millions of others were suffering in theirs. And I can no longer stick my head in the sand, as did my parents, and pretend that other people's woes are no concern of mine. But, there are still lots of people who want to do just that...they want to pretend that the suffering either does not exist or that it is not their concern. They want their happy ostrich lives back, and the people like you and me and Brian and countless others are telling them they can't have it. So we do have to expect a little backlash.
As always, I am rambling all over the place. I wish I had a quick answer as to how to fix everything. In many ways, I believe that your version of Christianity (which I also as the true version) is the answer. For instance, if more supposed Christians realized that they were financially prosperous not because they were being rewarded for their goodness, but because they were being tested to see if they would follow Christ's directions to feed his sheep, I think the country would be a much happier place. Whether you believe that Jesus was God or whether you believe that he was just an awesomely wise rabbi, the results should be the follow his teachings and you are a better person for it.