Monday, September 21, 2009

Racism - Christianity

The reason many Institutionalized Christians(Independent Baptists) are racists, is because of the Light vs. Dark analogy. They have used this analogy and carried it over to skin color. That's what it's always been about. Because they are black, they must be bad. They must be thought of as less than human, and there is a reason they are Black. In case you didn't know.


JefFlyingV said...

Botts, I had thought the curse of Ham from the Bible was the main justification for racism in America.

JefFlyingV said...

...for the Baptists.

Anonymous said...

Back when I was a kid in Texas, my minister tried to explained that dark skin was the Mark of Cain.


JefFlyingV said...

Botts, I've posted 3 articles from David Brin's ContraryBrin website that may be of interest to you if you have time to read them, the link will bring you to all three:

1)Madness of the Right and Left: Part One

2)And now... loons of the left prove that it isn't a monopoly (part 2)

3)Judo Politics: a way to get all kids insured

Harvey said...


Only a "modern" believer would not recognize that most Jews in the time of Jesus were dark skinned and had dark hair. He would have looked much more like a North African or an Arab. The "greco-romanticizing" of the alledged fair skinned, light brown haired Jesus was only furthered by the proselytizing of the early Church to the "Gentiles", including Celts and Northern Europeans.
All of this actually goes back to the need for "believers" to
identify themselves and their "tribe" as somehow better than everyone else. What better way than to latch on to the obvious differences in skin color, especially in times when you might want to find Biblical justification for enslaving some of your fellow men?

mac said...

I'm with Harvey.

If Jesus existed, he was most likely brown skinned. I'm not sure a lot of pale white folks are/were indigenous to the area.

Botts said...

If Jesus existed, he would look more like bin Laden than a white dude.